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Why the Millennial Witch?

A while ago I wrote an article for a Spanish website in which I spoke about tarot and witchcraft and how I was tired of people questioning my beliefs when the subject came up in a conversation. Right in that article I talked about being a millennial and having a life quite similar to the people of my generation, except for the magical and spiritual side.

As a result of that article, a small joke started on Facebook about being “the millennial witch” and well, little by little I have adapted to the idea to such an extent that now I am completely in love with it.

Millennial because I defend the people of my generation from all that bad publicity that many media, very rancidly, talk about us without understanding us or if they want to try to understand us. After all, it is the same old story in which a generation looks disapprovingly at the younger generation. And a witch because it is what I have been since I was 11 years old and because witchcraft is so deep inside me that it couldn’t be anything other than a witch.

If you want to know a little more about me, you can read a short biography here.